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You can buy high-quality awnings at Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, Australia. Currently on a 50% off sale!

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Wind Tolerance

Modern roof coverings are rated for wind tolerance based on width, length, number of supporting arms, and material. Some of awning designs incorporate urethane compression joints, steel support structures, and wind sensors. These strong designs are currently in use at some famous buildings such as the White House, Grand Central Station and The Kremlin.

Awnings wind tolerance Sydney Australia


Aluminium awnings are very popular in residential applications around the world. They are available in many colours and are usually painted to match the colour of exterior walls. Benefits of these include shade for your patio, cooler temperature inside the home, extended life of furniture and window treatments. Possibly the most beneficial feature of the aluminium covering is the fact that they can last well over 40 years.
Some aluminium awnings Sydney, Australia design allow folding and fastening for window protection in case of storms and hurricanes.

Aluminium awnings Sydney Australia

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Retractable Awnings

Retractables are becoming very popular around the world. Retractable patio cover systems are the latest addition to the market. Majority of these systems are 100% water-proof and therefore allow no water penetration through the fabric roof section. These systems can be resistant to strong winds but that depends on the model and size. Another advantage of retractables is that they can be enclosed on the front and sides using solar shade screens. They are the new version of the old-fashioned storefront protection. Torsion bar supports tension arms and a roller bar and it fits into the wall or soffit brackets that will spread the load to the wall. Hand-cranked coverings are still available, but today the most common models are motorised protection. The motor is placed inside the roller tube.

Shade screens utilize acrylic canvas or a mesh fabric. This allows some view-through but at the same time blocks the sun’s rays. The roller, which is placed at the top, can be hand-cranked or motorised. Exterior blinds are much more effective at blocking heat than interior blinds. The reason for that is because exterior blinds block the heat before it enters the glass.

The protection they offer from a variety of weather conditions is their most obvious benefit. If you have patio furniture or other items that you want to protect from the rain or sun, awnings are a good choice. Awnings reduce direct sun exposure so you could get more use out of your outdoor areas throughout the year.

Modern day awnings have advanced from old designs and traditional materials that were widely used in previous decades. Now, they are made from versatile materials and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Their design also allows them to be resistant to weather-damage, giving them a longer lifespan. If you want to benefit the most from your awnings, you should consider having remote control options which will allow you to deploy or retract them depending on the weather. Find the perfect awnings at Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, Australia. We offer a range of different styles, colours and materials.

Retractable awnings Sydney


One of the biggest benefits that awnings have is the flexibility they give. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. You can also select from a diverse array of fabrics—canvas, PVC and acrylic. They are also very easy to use. You can operate them manually or motorise them, so you can raise and lower them with a single push of a button. Awnings will give you higher air circulation in your home as well. Because they leave a big amount of space between themselves and the window, air circulates more easily. They are also great in improving energy efficiency in your house, especially during the summer as they are a very effective form of shading for your windows.

You can find awnings  Sydney in many different sizes and styles at Empire Window Furnishings. For more information, call us at 1300 950 950.

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Multi-Stop Channel

Multi-Stop Channel Awnings creates a relaxed outdoor living area that can be utilised in all seasons. The exclusive design features of this awning offers you complete control of the awning point, keeping you cool in the hot summer months by blocking unwelcome sun and warm in the winter by shielding you from intense cold.

There is an extensive selection of fabrics to choose from—sunblock, light filtration or semi shade fabrics with translucent properties—to help keep your view. Multi-stop awnings can be mounted either between posts or on the face of a window. A key feature of the product is that it can be dropped to any height required to cut sun glare or shade an area whilst still allowing some light.

Maximum Sizes Width: up to 2,700mm   |   Drop: up to 2,700mm

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Straight Drop Verandah

A cost-effective full drop (bottom roll up) blind using an external rope and pulley operation. Suitable for

  • Windows & glass doors
  • Butt join several blinds along verandas

Maximum Sizes Width: up to 5,000mm   |   Drop: up to 3,700mm depending on width

  • A budget & energy-efficient full drop (bottom roll up) blind using an external rope and pulley operation.
  • Straight drop awnings are advisable for enclosing pergolas, verandas, outdoor living areas for privacy and sun protection. They are designed to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year round without creating a visual barrier.
  • Straight drop awnings are perfect for limiting draughts, wind and rain.
Awnings Security Quality Australia

Pivot Arm

Pivot arm awnings are among the most well known sun protection systems and are therefore very popular in both domestic and commercial sectors.

Maximum Sizes Width: up to 4,000mm   |   Drop: up to 2,700mm

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Folding Arm Shades

Folding arm shades are ideal as a roll away cover for a patio, deck, balcony or commercial applications such as restaurants.

With these, you can create an outdoor area that shields against the sun or rain.  Folding arm shades fold horizontally and are projected. When the awning is retracted, the space is free of any structures.

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PVC Shades

You can get PVC shades and other products including shutters, blindscurtains, awnings and screens.

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PVC Awnings Sydney Australia