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Bushfire Roller Shutters

Bushfire Roller shutters are mounted above a door or window and rolls down to cover and protect the door or window. The rails are usually made from metal and the most common being aluminium and steel. Empire Window Furnishings provides roller doors which are available in a range of different colours and patterns so they can actually complement your home very well. Our roller doors can be operated either using a manual winder or by using some form of motorised system such as a remote control or a control panel. For more information, call us on 1300 950 950.

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Bushfire Security

The biggest benefit of roller shutters is that they provide your home or business with excellent bushfire security. The shutters are closely fitted to the doors or windows and cannot be pulled away without a great deal of effort. They act as an excellent physical deterrent and also a brilliant heat deterrent.

Roller shutters security Sydney Australia

Louvered covering

Louvered covering also give you a control over the amount of light that enters the home at any time in the day. By lowering your rails, you can completely darken a room, or you can have them open so that sunlight floods the room. You can also partially open or close the rails. The shutters can give you both—control over ventilation and control over light. It is totally up to you, either open the rails to allow fresh air to stream through the windows or door or choose to only allow a little bit of fresh air. Roller shutters can also give you control over privacy. That is good benefit if your neighbours are home or you do not want passers-by to see inside. In these situations, you just need to lower the rails as you want. 

Protect Against Fire

Our bushfire shutters can protect your doors and windows against the intense summer heat and bushfires. In case of a fire storm, close the rails so you can feel secure. Closing the rails will deflect burning branches and other embers that can light small fires around your window sill. Louvered covering can also protect against embers in the case of bushfire. They will deflect them away before they have the chance to cause damage.

bushfire roller shutters sydney

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Greenhouse Effect

It is well-known that external solar protection devices are important to an internal system with respect to the energy transmission rate. Greenhouse effect is responsible for this phenomenon. People often think that thermal rays cannot penetrate glass to cause the greenhouse effect but this is only partly true. The invisible portion of the entire spectrum of solar radiation is around 50 percent. These short-wave rays are often called near-infrared. They can easily go through normal window glass. Once the rays have gone through the window, they can easily be absorbed by the surfaces in the room. Later, they will be emitted again in the form of heat radiation. Contact us for any questions or information.


If you choose a solar protection device, it is important to know where they will be installed. If they are installed in the front of louvered covering, the rays of sunlight hit the solar protection device first and they are partly absorbed. This will heat up the device. The long-wave infrared rays it emits are accumulated in front of the glazing and are unable to penetrate it.

If you order bushfire roller shutters, you can improve your household security against the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. Our louvered covering will protect your carpets, furniture and interior furnishings from excessive UV exposure. Louvered covering is good long time investment for your home or business. For additional information, call us on 1300 950 950.


Thermal Insulation

Computer modelling tests are carried out on a typical project home and typical residential units located in Australia. Tests involve fitting bushfire roller shutters to the windows. This estimates the heating and cooling loads on a given dwelling. Results have shown the obvious benefits of fitting louvered covering such as energy reductions.

Using louvered covering on the windows of a residential and business complex in Australia was found to provide significant energy savings for heating and cooling. The best results are reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. They really are  environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and cost-efficient solution.

Noise Insulation Properties

Independent laboratory tests on louvered coverings have shown that they can reduce noise transmission through a window opening. The noise reduction benefits are especially good in the city areas where the noise is caused because travel. These tests show that for higher frequencies (300Hz and 1250Hz), the sound transmission loss was improved between 3 to 10 decibels. For frequencies higher than 1250Hz, the improvement in sound transmission loss with the roller shutter curtain down was typically greater than 10 decibels.

Roller shutters residential Sydney Australia

Bushfire and Residential Properties

Bushfire roller shutters on a residential dwelling are great defence against bushfire attacks. Tests with simulated bush fire exposure were carried out with roller rails covering a window and results have been compared with an unprotected window. Louvered covering that were scorched have kept its integrity with almost no buckling of its blinds and small amount of buckling on the head box. The rails were still operating after the exposure to fire but they were a bit stiff because some small deformation was present on the plastic pulley. The unprotected window had almost no success in the tests and cracking happened in a very early stage accompanied with the exploding glass which cracked and fell out of the frame.

Louvered covering are able to provide full protection as shown in the tests which simulate bushfires and have been fully operational after the tests. Unprotected windows cracked very quickly and the glass fell out from the frame only 43 seconds after the peak was reached.

Our products are designed and built in Australia to the highest of standards. Empire Window Furnishings has been recognised by the design and engineering industries as a stand out product. Choosing bushfire roller shutters you will have an excellent physical barrier against driving rain, high winds and flying debris. Their characteristics are also effectiveness against hail, protecting the glass from breaking and possible personal injury.

Empire Window Furnishings currently has a 50% off Sale on all rails, blinds, curtains, screens and awnings. For any questions or information, call us on 1300 950 950.

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