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How to style your window using curtains

If you are considering purchasing new curtain drapes for your home, you must also think which room you’ll put them in. There are many styles, materials and sizes in the market so your job is to think about what purpose they will have.

If you are thinking about the bedroom, then you must consider what the main benefits of choosing specific colours are and what positive aspects they can provide.

Blackout curtains will be the best solution if you have young children or shift workers in your home. As its name suggests, these block light from coming in a room. This is important for shift workers and babies who have difficulty sleeping during the day because of sunlight. Some types of blackout curtains can stop up to 99% of light entering into the room.

A constant lack of sleep can produce a lot of stress so it is important that as much sleep is captured as possible. You can be sure that family members who need to sleep during the day will not have problems with sunlight and they will able to function normally. You will be very surprised when you see the difference that blackout curtains will make to a room. It is a wise idea to invest in these useful blinds next time when you are planning on replacing your current ones.

They can also filter approximately 40% of outside noise from entering in the room through the windows. When day sleepers need to get rest, street noise or lawn mowers can interfere and frustrate. These curtains will also help reduce your energy costs. They will keep the heat in the room during the winter, and reflect heat out of the room during the summer. These benefits will ensure that you are not wasting extra money on heating or cooling.

There are many different blackout curtain variations available on the market. When you know all these benefits, you can decide which style and design is best for your home. So take the time to read all reviews and insights. With this little research, you can be sure of how they can provide you with the relief that you are seeking.

Pinch pleated headings are our most popular heading and can be used on curtains, valances and sheers on all types of tracking. Pinch pleats result in a very uniform curtain folds, as opposed to the unstructured look of a gathered or pocket heading.

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Curtains Empire Sydney pinch pleated headings

1. Twin pleating is a simple variation of the pinch pleat.

2. Pocket heading is almost exclusively used for sheers on conduit rods.

3. Gathered headings give a less formal look.

4. Eyelets provide a contemporary look and are often used with a room darkening blind behind. All curtain tracks brackets are required at regular intervals yet an eyelet curtain cannot pass over a bracket. Therefore, maximum widths do apply.

5. Inverted Pleats, also known as Inverted “Box” Pleats can be used in place of a pinch pleat curtain. The only drawback on the inverted pleat is that they work best when the curtain sits below the track. Otherwise, they look great as a static sheer.

6. Roll Pleat is a contemporary, new look that creates a slim clean curtain.

7. Knife Pleat is a sharply creased narrow pleat, usually one of a series folded in the same direction.

How Insulated Curtains Work

Every month, you must pay a lot when it comes to your bills, especially for electricity. Because of high costs, people are always searching for new ways to keep energy expenses down.

Insulated curtains help keep warm air from leaving or entering through your windows. There is a large source for heat exchange in almost every home. This loss of heat exchange will help keep room temperature constant. Air conditioners use lots of electricity, so any step which lessens use should reflect on your finances.

There are four major types of heat loss in your home: conduction, radiation, infiltration and convection. Heat is energy that circulates from warm areas to cool areas. Insulated curtains help to slow down or stop that circulation.
Layers of the drapes insulate windows against the conditions outside. There is also a magnetic strip on the edges of the drapes and placed either in the window frame. Insulated curtains are available in a variety of patterns, thickness and durability. They are all easy to maintain and they also require mild dry cleaning to freshen up. Because of a light vacuum, insulated curtains will keep them looking bright and without dust.
When you are shopping for your new windows or reading up on insulated curtains, you might have noticed a number referred to as the R-value. R-value is number which describes your window’s ability to prevent heat loss or exchange. The higher the number on the product, the better your window will stand up to the elements. Higher R-value means that the price of window will be higher too, so blinds may be a less expensive way of raising your R-value. You can order and buy your blinds at Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, Australia. You will find colours, materials and patterns that will perfectly suit your room.


You have probably seen insulated curtains in hotels, but people rarely have it in their homes. These days, they are far more popular because of the numerous benefits they offer and the diverse designs available on the market.

Insulated curtains come in hobbled blinds, roman blinds, classic blinds and side-draw blinds. They can be instituted into systems that use draperies, valances or shutters. The outermost layer can be made from many different fabrics, so you can choose ones that match your room best.

Manufactured insulated curtains can be a bit smaller but their quality is likely to be higher. You can choose many different brands or manufacturers and you can also re-cover these drapes with the fabric of your choice at a later point.

Using these coverings can help you lower your electricity bill. In the summer you can keep your blinds shut, blocking that heat from your room. In the winter, the situation is opposite. During the day, you can pull your drapes open and pull them closed again at night to trap heat in your house. Get your drapes now at Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, Australia. You can also find many types of shutters, blinds,curtainsscreens, and awnings.

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The best benefit that insulated curtains offer is controlling room temperature, as they add an extra layer of protection over your windows. Windows are almost always the leading source of heat loss or exchange in your home. During the summer, these window coverings will block out the sun’s heat, letting you use less air conditioning. In the winter, they will help hold heat in the house. Overall, the energy costs you cut down through insulation curtains is significant.

These curtains also help soundproof a room. They will not only keep noises from your yard out, they will also keep your noises in. Thicker blinds are able to absorb sound waves and keep them from entering your home and your ears.

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