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Ask about our complete range of plantation shutters with up to 20 years warranty.

Plantation Shutters Buying Guide

Plantation shutters are very elegant, traditional and most of all, practical. They are also cost-effective and offer ample quantity of selections you can choose from. A worthwhile investment for your home, they add value once you plan to resell. So go ahead and make them a permanent fixture in your home. Empire Window Furnishings’ 25-year warranty help your shutters last a very long time.

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Plantation Empire Sydney Blinds buying Tips

In addition, plantation shutters are durable, easy to use and simple to clean.

When it comes to buying plantation shutters, it is very important to get advice and free consultation from our friendly Empire Window Furnishings team to ensure that they suit your needs. There are three types of plantation shutters: real wood, vinyl and composite. The most expensive type of plantation shutter real wood, while vinyl is appropriate for toilet and garage windows since they can survive high temperatures and lots of humidity. Composite shutters are best for blocking direct sunlight since they are normally assured not to twist, bend or yellow.

You can get plantation shutters and other products including shutters, roller shutters and aluminium shutters. Our staff can also assist you with a variety of window furnishings including blindscurtains, awnings and screens.

How to buy

Sizes, framing choices and slope devices–before you buy a plantation shutter, you need to consider its size, frame and mechanism.

All you have to do is to choose the best one that matches your needs and wants. Empire Window Furnishings will walk you through the options.

Plantation Empire Sydney Blinds buying Tips


Before you buy a plantation shutter, you need to make sure if it has a money-back guarantee. Call us now to organise an in-home consultation by professionally trained shutter experts. It’s free, so what do you have to lose?

Structure of the Plantation Shutter

If you are going to buy a plantation shutter, make sure that it is built with a solid core structure. This is so it can withstand hot and cold temperature level without expanding too much.


Whether it is made with vinyl, composite or real wood, bear in mind that it should be cost-effective and fits your budget.


Your plantation louver should give security and assurance to your family. It should be safe and budget-friendly. You also need to consider the time and effort required in maintaining them.

Plantation Empire Sydney Blinds buying Tips

Determining the importance of plantation shutters will help you a lot in deciding whether it is a smart buy for your home. We can tell you that apart from adding character and value to your property, they also provide privacy for your family. There are different styles, different materials, colours and designs. Buying shutters can be considered as a great investment move because it will add value to your home once you plan to resell it.

What are they?

Plantation shutters are an interior style shutter designed with larger panels to be able to cover more surface area than other styles of shutters. When you investigate buying plantation louver, you want to be sure you find the brand that best suits your own home. While the overall style will be similar from one company to other, you’ll find a variation in the kind of material used to make the shutters, in the size of louvres and inside installation process. Empire Window Furnishings offer plantation louver with unbeatable quality and workmanship offering up to 20 years warranty.

Shutter Tips

Plantation shutters tend to be durable, simple to use, and easy to clean. Now when shopping for shutters it is important to consider all the different types of shutters. Everything falls into 3 main categories: vinyl, composite, and wood.

They typically go in that order from least expensive to most expensive. Vinyl shutters are great for your bathroom or garage windows simply because they withstand high temperatures and plenty of moisture. Composite shutters are great for windows that get a lot of direct sunlight because they are normally guaranteed not to warp, ribbon and bow, or yellow. Real wood shutters are excellent for those windows where you wish to get a rich stain or match existing wood stains in your home. Here at Empire Window Furnishings, we have a variety of materials—polymer, aluminium, timber and poly resin.

People commonly reference plantation louvers as “the best window furniture. ” They provide tremendous exterior home appeal, high property resale value, and great insulation. They also regulate and control the amount of light that enters the property.

Choose premium wood or composite/faux wood shutters (which cost less and look just as good, while becoming highly resistant to water, dampness and sun damage). From the outside, they instantly bring class and style to your house.

Take the time to know the different framing options, louvre sizes and tilt mechanisms. Louvre measurements will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but usually the standards are 2 1/2”, 3 1/2”, and also 4 1/2” louvres.

Your framing or casement options are dependent on things like inside mount or outside mount, if the windows are currently cased, and the depth in the window sills. There is a traditional tilt mechanism which runs down the middle of the shutter. In hidden tilt models, there is no front tilt bar as it is hidden on the back side in the panel.


Plantation shutters control the amount of sunlight during the hot summer months. This, in turn, helps reduce the electrical bills.

During winter months, plantation shutters insulate the home from the cold resulting in less use for the heater. Another reduction in electrical bills!

Plantation shutters will help prevent warping and fading of your furniture by blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun. They are also proven to add value to your property, making it a true investment for the future.

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Plantation Sydney Shutters Guide

1. Be prepared with photos or diagrams of the windows you want to have shutters installed in. We customise them any look or window size so feel free to ask, even if your windows are unusually shaped.

Plantation Buying Guide Empire Sydney

2. Determine how many panels you would like on each window. For normal size windows, you can typically use two, so they close in the centre and also open on either side. Minuscule windows tend to look finest with one shutter, while larger windows ought to have four or more to adequately cover the whole area.

Plantation Buying Guide Empire Sydney

3. Measure your windows from the most notable moulding to the windowsill to determine how tall the shutters need to be. To figure out the breadth, measure the width of the most notable, middle and bottom of the window, and then use the most important number. If you are unsure, we can always come out to you as part of our complimentary measure and quote.

Plantation Buying Guide Empire Sydney

4. We do have regular specials and packages to suit apartments, townhouses and large properties. Call us to see what works for you.

Plantation Empire Sydney Guide

5. We don’t display all our models online, so ask in store or over the phone about the rest of our selection. We also have a variety of colours that are not list online.

Plantation Buying Guide Empire Sydney

6. We are all about quality workmanship and providing Sydney’s best warranty on parts and labour. To remove the stress of buying, we include the measure, installation and after care support for you. Your complete shutters and blinds solution guaranteed.

Plantation Buying Guide Empire Sydney

7. Unsure of how our shutters or blinds look like from the brochure? Simply visit our showroom, one of Sydney’s largest for window treatments. A visit to the store gives you the opportunity to view the material firsthand and obtain a feel of how the product will look in your home.