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Ask about our complete range of plantation shutters with up to 20 years warranty.

Plantation Shutters


Our products are available in a variety of materials including polymer, aluminium and timber finishes. Our Sydney showroom houses several designs and styles that provides versatile interior coverings for windows and doors. All of our products come with an Australian backed 20-year warranty for your peace of mind. Call our Sydney showroom office or arrange for one of our professional experts to come out and see you.

This type of window furnishing has clear advantages in providing privacy, security, and light control. Highly sought after as a design feature, these add style and elegance to a room.

Our products are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Unlike run-of-the-mill products out in the market, they are made of high-quality timber or a special polymer. These elegant window furnishings will truly add value to your Sydney home. We have them in different sizes, lacquered paints and custom stains. The construction of our plantation shutters ensures they can withstand high temperatures, light and daily usage without deteriorating. View other products including aluminium and rollers shutters in our special Buying Guide. Our staff can also assist you with a variety of window furnishings including blinds, curtains, awnings and screens.


e20 Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Sydney Empire Window Furnishings

e20 plantation shutters are a stylish enhancement in the category of internal window furnishings. They insulate 70% more than timber and come with a 20-year warranty.

They consist of a full aluminium insert in the shutters and stiles to create strength and stiffness. Rest assured that they will not crack, chip or warp, and are also moisture and humidity resistant.

They are fire-retardant, recyclable, hypo-allergenic and termite-resistant. Shutters sizes are 64mm, 89mm and 115mm with 3 colours to choose from—white, bright white and pearl. Special colours available include vivid white, hog bristle and hog bristle quarter.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters Empire Window Furnishings

Timber material is suitable for internal window furnishings but is not recommended for bathrooms and other wet areas. They are made with A-grade timber with a uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish. Lightweight yet very strong, they do not warp.

Take note that we have a 3-year limited warranty for colours. Stains will fade in hot sun without window protection and have limited warranty. Louvre sizes are 64mm, 89mm and 115mm. Available in 22 colours and stains.


Two basic styles: broad blinds that can be closed and opened or solid with non-moveable shutters. They can be made in several sections to suit the size and shape of the window or space to be covered.

They can often be opened and closed separately to give maximum control over light and privacy. Often, they are hinged so they can be opened up by folding them back. At Empire Window Furnishings, the timber we select is sustainably grown timber, while in the e20 range a U.S. specified polymer extrusion is used with aluminium inserts for strength.

This type of window furnishing has started becoming a popular and effective way to add modern elegance to your home. They are highly functional and very eye-appealing at the same time. 

Usually, they are made up of a set of full-length vertical panels, and can be divided into four main partsrails, stiles, and tilt rod. The horizontal blinds that can be found on the top and on the bottom are commonly known as the ‘rails’. There are also some types that contain one or more horizontal rails in the centre, which divides the product into separate tiers. The vertical ‘stiles’ are located on the sides.

The parallel blinds that are found between the stiles are known as ‘shutters’. They are the ones that are able to be tilted and adjusted in order for you to allow more or less light depending on what you desire. These are known to be made in several different sizes and shapes.

Sydney Homes

There is a large number of Sydney homes which have largely benefited from the beauty and the practicality of Empire Window Furnishings shutters. All have incorporated them into the design of decadent homes that can be found in exclusive suburbs across Sydney.

Historically, this window furnishing originated from mansions in the south of the US. This is actually where the term ‘plantation shutter’ was derived from. Although they have existed for such a long time, this product have only seen a remarkably few number of modifications over the years.

Today, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials. They can be found anywhere around the world, in any kind of home. Most of them are made of hardwood such as timber and can have a number of finishes that add architectural allure to residential and commercial properties. They have also been built from rich woods like cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut, materials that are viewed as extremely attractive and appealing.

plantation shutters Sydney homes Empire Window Furnishings

These shutters can be used individually, or they can be linked together to cover several windows at once, or even a single large one. Many manufacturers allow their clients to have custom-made shutters built to their specific desires in order to add a unique look to their home and make a bold design statement.

The new generation of shutters offers the many practicalities that previous generations have found so useful, with the modern look and innovative techniques of today. They are able to be fully adjusted in order to allow more or less light, offer privacy, and can even have some insulation benefits.

Plantation shutters Sydney homes

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How to Select

Plantation Shutters Empire Window Furnishings Sydney

If you are selecting timber, skip pine. Opt for the finest wood from sustainable forests instead. The hinges and joints should be strong enough to handle years of opening and closing without sagging.

The selection you make will depend on how much light and privacy you want and need. Larger sized shutters allow light more generously and are often best for a window with a great view.

Some suppliers use standard sized products and cut them down to size, while here at Empire Window Furnishings, we custom-design the product to suit the particular window being fitted. This is especially important if the products are for an unusually shaped space such as a circular or triangular window.

It is essential to ensure they are installed by reputable and trained professionals such as the installation team at Empire Window Furnishings.

If you live in an area where white ants (termites) are a problem, e20 plantation shutters are probably the best option as they contain no wood and are therefore termite-resistant. These are also the best choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry, and are often the preferred choice for kitchens.

Every home and office is different, and you should consider all your options before making a final choice to ensure your selection is the best one for you. Take the time to think about the type, materials used to manufacture them, and the colour. This window furnishing will last a lifetime and increase your property’s value, so buy the best you can afford. Custom-made plantation shutters are a great choice both for curb appeal and elegance inside the home. Ask the experts at Empire Window Furnishings to help you select the best product for your home.


Professionally fitted products are an excellent way to insulate your Sydney home. A typical home loses 30% of cooling and heating expenses through windows and doors. They stop drafts and air movement, hence reducing your energy costs due to their excellent thermal insulation. This product can be mounted on windows, sliding doors both interior and exterior. They can be utilised to enclose balconies and alfresco areas and can be specially manufactured for shaped windows, arches and bay windows.

  • Engineered for the best shutter performance.
  • Full aluminium inserts in stiles and shutters for increased strength and stiffness.
  • Won’t crack, chip, split or warp.
  • Better than timber for fixing.
  • High strength joints; glued and screwed.
  • US specified polymer extrusion.
  • Recyclable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Does not support bacteria.
  • Termite-resistant.
  • Insulates 70% more than timber.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Won’t sag, creep or deform over time.
  • Moisture/humidity resistant.
  • UV Valspar waterborne paint finish.
  • Repairable & re-coatable surface.
  • No harsh chemicals necessary to clean.
  • Non-carcinogenic.
  • Advanced sections & detailing.
  • 20 year warranty ensures leading shutter performance.

Why Choose Timber

  • Timber does not warp.
  • Light weight yet very strong.
  • Uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish.
  • Renewable resource which is replenished as it is re-harvested.
  • Timber plantation shutters have superior gluing and finishing properties.

Pest Resistant

Our e20 plantation shutters range is made from carbon glass fibre reinforced polymer, manufactured to specifications for the finest shutter performance. Every part of this shutter is termite-resistant. Each louvre comprises of an aluminium insert for upper strength and increased stiffness, which means this product will not sag, creep, split or deform over time. Our window furnishing provides the rich look of timber shutters without timber’s inherent problems. They perform better, lasts longer, and insulates 70% more effectively than traditional ones.


The movement of the shutters is controlled by a mechanism known as the ‘tilt rod’. A single tilt rod is one continuous, vertical rod that connects and controls all of the shutters at the same time.

A split rod on the other hand, as the name suggests, is a tilt rod that has been split into several individual pieces. This allows for a separate control of the several tiers that are found in one shutter panel. It also grants greater freedom for experimentation. For example, you can adjust the top tier to allow more light to come in, while in the meantime keeping the lower tier shutters completely closed for more privacy. Hidden tilt rods allow the apparatus to be discreetly concealed behind the shutter panel as well.

Empire Sydney plantation shutters parts

This window furnishing is known to have been used for many, many centuries. There are some experts that claim plantation shutters have been used as far as back in ancient Greece, with blinds being made from marble slabs.

Reportedly, they were used even before glass was available, in order to provide some sort of protection from natural occurrences like rain, wind and the heat of the sun’s rays.

They are also known to effectively guard against various types of insects and smaller animals that try to enter the building. However, their real function is deeply appreciated once these occurrences and pests problems have been resolved. Once the shutters could be opened once again, you can freely invite fresh sunlight and the cool breeze to ventilate the establishment they protect.