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Roller Blinds – Australia

When you are looking for a new and fresh way of updating your home’s design, consider the advantages that rolled-up slats might offer for your interior decoration. You can find affordable ones that can suit your limited remodelling budget in Australia right here.

Available in a wide variety of types, styles, and colours, roller blinds can really make your home’s décor livelier. They are versatile and quite easy to install, and can be an excellent alternative to the standard venetian blinds and other blind types. For more extensive home remodelling projects, you can even find motorised rolled-up slats. While they are usually a bit more expensive, they can offer you some unique advantages that cannot be found in any other form of window treatments.

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About Roller Blinds

The standard non-motorised rolled-up slats are designed on the principle of tension and release.

There are various models such as the spring roller blinds which use a spring to create tension and friction. This holds the blind in the proper position when the tension has been applied, and the releasing of the tension which would allow for an easy way to reposition them. Some types of rolled-up slats use methods such as continuous loop action, which provides a smoother and more natural up-and-down motion for the blind.

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When you are looking for your own rolled-up slats, look no further than Empire Window Furnishings. We have professionally trained consultants in Australia who can advise and assist you in selecting the best roller slats.

Aluminium is quite often used for building rolled-up slats since it is capable of offering strong tensile strength and durability without adding a great deal of weight to the blind.

You can get roller blinds and other products including blindsvenetian blindsvertical blinds,  panel blinds systemcellular blinds, and many more in our Blinds Buying Guide. Our staff can also assist you with a variety of window furnishings including shutterscurtainsawnings and screens. For additional information, call us at 1300 950 950.

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