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Roller Shutters

Where can you find quality products?

Check out Empire Window Furnishings. Our roller window shutters provide significant energy savings for heating and cooling and therefore reduce energy bills for consumers. These provide an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and cost-efficient solution to heat loss in winter and summer heat gain. For a detached residence, there is a possible saving of 30% on annual heating and cooling.

Our range of products comes with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind. Contact our showroom staff or arrange for one of our professional experts to come out and see you.

Roller Shutters Empire Window Furnishings Sydney Installation

Do you require safety at night? Worried about flying debris breaking through your windows during the wild storms? Noisy roads? If you worry about any of the above, then our roller window shutters are your answer. This product brings safety and privacy to the home, protecting your windows from prying burglars and annoying noise and heat from outside. Shop fronts and businesses have been using roller shutters for years. Now, Empire Window Furnishings brings the same level of safety and protection to everyday homeowners in Sydney through quality products.

You can get other products including shutters, plantation shutters, aluminium shutters and all other kinds featured in our shutters buying guide. Our staff can also assist you with a variety of window furnishings including blindscurtains, awnings and screens.


This product presents an immediate visible deterrent, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism.

Insulated roller window shutters have protective properties that reduce the effects of summer heat as well as retaining the warmth during the colder winter months. Furthermore, when they are fitted close to the window or door, they protect your home from intruders. It is almost impossible to prise them away. The mere fact that they are fitted to a home is a deterrent to would-be burglars, who will go elsewhere and find an easier house to break into.

roller shutters security Empire Sydney

One of the most familiar and widely known methods for securing premises is by turning to the use of roller shutters, which can also be found under the names rolling doors and roller doors.

Roller shutters are flexible doors that are made up from a series of blinds, which are usually made of metal such as galvanised steel or aluminium, but can also be made from durable, shock-resistant plastic, which are joined together and wound round a drum.

When the drum is turned, either manually via a chain or electrical operation via a tubular motor, the door unwinds and is lowered into place.

They are most often placed over opening such as doors and windows, and are known to provide great protection against any kind of intruders. Going through roller shutters is a very hard task to accomplish that only a few determined intruders even attempt it.

Value for Money

The cost of heating and cooling your home is substantially reduced all year round, making this product an ideal investment for the future. Use our products to minimise energy costs as well as the damaging effects of the environment.

Shutters insulate the home against heat, cold and noise. They drastically decrease heat getting in during summer because the glass does not get hot, and they also cut heat loss in winter. They can also reduce sound entering by up to 50 percent. Your home is quiet, peaceful, and comfortable throughout the year. You also save money on window maintenance because the windows stay cleaner for longer, and damage caused by dust and debris is reduced.

Since these products provide insulation, they also reduce heating and cooling costs. Reducing harsh light saves on the costs of furnishings and fabrics near the windows since they do not fade as much and will last longer. Using roller window furnishings enhances the appearance and value of your home, protects you against intruders, and saves on energy bills and maintenance costs.

Radiant heat and the sun

These prevent the sunlight from fading carpets & interior furnishings, as well as act as a long-term protective barrier for window frames. They shield against severe weather events such as strong winds and flying debris, and are also effective in deflecting embers from bushfires.

Extensive testing has been carried out in conjunction with the CSIRO, resulting with an appraisal certificate for the protection against radiant heat from bush fires. (Technical assessment 306)

roller shutters Empire Sydney

Aside from their basic function of security, shutters also have a number of other great advantages. They are more flexible than standard door types, they are capable of resisting brute force assault for longer periods of time, with any force that is applied being partially absorbed along strip join lines.

Although a very determined intruder will still be able to get through, shutters allow more time for an alarm of some sort to be raised by onlookers. Electrically operated shutters can also be used as means of controlling the access to a certain building, with trusted employees being allocated operator fobs or keypad codes.

Only people who possess any of these devices are able to operate the shutters, which adds an additional level of security; conventional locks are much easier to open.

This type of window furnishings are sold in a variety of options. The most basic of these options to choose from is colour. Most of the shutters can be powder coated in any of the normal range of colours. Another option is having gaps built into the blinds that make up the shutter.

This is very suitable for places like shops, as the visibility that is gained far outweighs the small amount of impact-resistance that you have sacrificed to have them.

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This product offers a comfortable, secure and environmentally friendly addition to your home. Colours available are white, grey, brown, cream, beige, sand, green, black, red. Coatings have a 5-year limited warranty.

Lightweight yet extremely strong, the curtain area consists of an aluminium skin injected with polyurethane foam for added strength and thermal insulation qualities. Extensive testing has been carried out in conjunction with CSIRO, resulting with an appraisal certificate for the production against radiant heat from bush fires. (Technical assessment 306) They can be operated either electronically, manually or with the Empire Drive System.

Additionally, they can be operated from inside your home. The Empire Drive System is a motorised control system that is battery operated and not reliant on mains power. The Aluminium Axle System carries a 3-year limited warranty and Manual Control Systems and Control Tape Rollers carry a 1 year limited warranty.

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Energy Saving Benefits

This window furnishing provides significant energy savings for heating and cooling, therefore reducing energy bills for consumers.

They provide an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and cost-efficient solution to heat loss in winter and summer heat gain. For a detached residence, there is a possible savings of 30% on annual heating and cooling.

Empire blinds and shutters energy saving benefits

Bushfire Roller Shutters

Our products are extensively tested for bushfires, radiant heat and ember attack. We have a specific range of products that are tested by the CSIRO in respect of clause 14.4 of the building code AS1530.8.1-2007 criteria. Our bushfire proof shutters undergo simulated testing exposure. In these tests, they are subjected to fire conditions consistent with subjecting a home to maximum radiant heat load that a property is expected to withstand during a bush fire hazard.

Without a genuine bushfire, heat and ember resistant products to protect your window, it is common knowledge that even hot embers gathering around the window sill will contribute to ignition of the entire building. Homes that withstood the recent large scale bushfires in NSW, VIC and other parts of Australia are witness to this.

The Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 is now the minimum building standard for homes and commercial buildings in bushfire prone areas. This is mandatory compliance in most parts of Australia. If you are unsure, speak to one of our friendly customer service staff at Empire Sydney who are more than happy to assist.

Roller shutters bushfire

Customised Roller Shutters

In addition to the standard models, there are a number of variations that can be tailored for use in specific circumstances. Fire-resistant rolling shutters is one example. Built from fireproof materials, they are used in areas with the need to employ extra protection against fire outbreaks. This type of product can also be found in most student residences. Rapid doors, also called rapid-action doors, are employed in areas with high traffic, either human or vehicular, like for example cold storage units for foodstuffs.

These shutters serve the additional function of being a temperature controller; a standard heater would allow too much heat to enter the controlled temperature area while a rapid-action door would ensure that this kind of disruption is kept to a minimum. In an area where such door is in constant use, this could make a huge difference to the electricity bills.

customised Empire Sydney roller shutters

Commercial Roller Shutters

These products are a very popular choice for security measure in all sorts of business buildings. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of the shops alone have this product installed as a security measure against thieves.

This just shows how great their popularity is. They are used not only in Australia but also around the whole world. This window furnishing is one of the best security measures that you can adopt for your own personal shop. Although they might not be able to completely stop criminals, they can at least slow them down for time that would be enough for the police to come and apprehend them.

commercial roller shutters Empire Sydney