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Ask about our complete range of plantation shutters with up to 20 years warranty.


High Quality Window Shutters in Sydney

Check out Empire Window Furnishings for expertly made shutters. Our products are available in a variety of materials including polymer, aluminium and timber. Our showroom has several designs and styles that provide a versatile interior covering for windows and doors. All products come with an Australian backed 20-year warranty for your peace of mind. Contact our shutters Sydney showroom office today or arrange an appointment for one of our professional experts to come out and see you.

Window furnishings have advantages in providing privacy, security, and light control, but they are also highly sought after as a design feature, adding style and elegance to a room.

Available in a wide range of styles and colours, our shutters are made of either high-quality timber or special polymer. They easily add value to your home in Sydney. All products are available in different sizes, lacquered paints and custom stains. Our construction ensures they can withstand high temperatures, sunlight and daily usage without deteriorating.

You can get other products including plantation, roller and aluminium window furnishings from our display store in Sydney. Also refer to our Buying Guide to help you choose the right shutters for your home. Our shutters Sydney team can also assist you with a variety of products including blindscurtains, awnings and screens.


Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Sydney Empire Window Furnishings

Plantation shutters are a great enhancement for your interior design as they can insulate 70% more than timber and these comes with a 20-year warranty.

They consist of a strong insert in the stiles to create strength and stiffness. Long-lasting and extremely durable. They are also moisture and humidity resistant.

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Timber Plantation Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters Empire Window Furnishings

Timber is suitable for internal window furnishings. Note: they are not recommended for bathrooms or wet areas. They are made with A-grade timber with a uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish.

Warp-proof, they are lightweight and strong with a 3-year limited warranty for colours. Protect your home from the powerful UV rays with our large selection of window furnishings.

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Different Styles

Shutters have started becoming a popular and effective way to add a modern and elegant look to your home. They are very functional and sport simple designs, especially with traditional shutters.

They are usually made up from a set of full-length vertical panels and can be divided into four main parts – rails, stiles, and tilt rod. The horizontal blinds that can be found on the top and on the bottom of the shutter are commonly known as the ‘rails’. There are also some products that contain one or more horizontal rails in the centre of the shutter, which divides them into separate tiers. The vertical ‘stiles’ are located on the sides.

The parallel blinds that are found between the stiles are known as ‘shutters’. They are the ones that are able to be tilted and adjusted in order for you to allow more or less light depending on your desire. They are known to be made in several different sizes and shapes.

Plantation Shutters

They offer many practicalities that previous generations have found so useful, as well as the modern look and innovative techniques of today. They are fully adjusted in order to allow more or less light, offer privacy, and can even have some insulation benefits.

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Plantation shutters Sydney homes

Timber Plantation Shutters

There is a huge number of Sydney homes which have found both the beauty and the practicality of our products, and have incorporated them into the design of magnificent homes that can be found in exclusive suburbs across Sydney.

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plantation shutters Sydney homes Empire Window Furnishings

Roller Shutters

Looking for safety, security and protection from sound at the same time? Our product range is ideal for homeowners who want long-lasting guarantee from intruders and the powerful Australian sun. Homes all over Sydney have found the benefit of using our products.

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roller shutters security Empire Sydney

Aluminium Shutters

They offer many suitable uses for outdoor areas to handle the tough Australian weather. Being incredibly strong, they can withstand severe weather and large winds. More importantly, they come with our Australian backed warranty for peace of mind.

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Sydney aluminium shutters Empire Window Furnishings

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How to Select

Plantation Shutters Empire Window Furnishings Sydney

Our products feature better quality materials and workmanship than standard window furnishings in the markeplace. If you are selecting timber, it should never be pine, but instead should be the finest wood from sustainable forests. The hinges and joints should be strong enough to handle years of opening and closing without sagging.

The selection you make will depend on how much light and privacy you need. Those with larger sizes stream light more generously and are often best for a window with a great view.

Some suppliers use standard sized window furnishings and cut them down to size, while others, such as Empire Window Furnishings custom design the products to suit the particular window being fitted. This is especially important if they are for an unusually shaped space such as a circular or triangular window.

It is essential to ensure the window products are installed by reputable and trained professionals such as our shutters Sydney team.

Every home and office is different, and you should consider all the options before making a final choice to ensure your selection is the best one for you. Take the time to think about the type of materials used to manufacture them, and the colour. Our products will last a lifetime and increase your property’s value, so ask our experts to help you select the perfect product for your home.

Professionally fitted shutters are an excellent way to insulate your Sydney home. A typical home loses 30% of cooling and heating expenses through windows and doors. Shutters stop drafts and air movement, reducing your energy costs due to their excellent thermal insulation. They can be mounted on windows and sliding doors, both interior and exterior. They can be utilised to enclose balconies and alfresco areas and can be especially manufactured for shaped windows, arches and bay windows.

  • Engineered for the best shutter performance.
  • Full aluminium inserts for increased strength and stiffness.
  • Won’t crack, chip, split or warp.
  • Better than timber for fixing.
  • High strength joints glued and screwed.
  • US specified polymer extrusion.
  • Recyclable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Does not support bacteria.
  • Termite-resistant.
  • Insulates 70% more than timber.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Won’t sag, creep or deform over time.
  • Moisture/humidity resistant.
  • UV Valspar waterborne paint finish.
  • Repairable, amp and re-coatable surface.
  • No harsh chemicals necessary to clean.
  • Non-carcinogenic.
  • Advanced sections and detailing.
  • 20-year warranty ensures leading shutter performance.