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Venetian Blinds

Home and office favourite

Among the many options that provide privacy and covering for your windows, venetian blinds is the all-time favorite. While there are several other choices including shutters, curtains and other blinds, they are popular due to their practicality and cost.

Venetian window coverings are defined as skinny blinds, the material of which are strung on a string ‘ladder’ and are fixed with an adjuster. This lets you change the tilt and angle of the blinds. It is this specific adjustment mechanism, and not something else, that helped give these window furnishings the name ‘venetian’ blinds. These blinds are always a home and office favourite due to their ease of use, low maintainenance and ability to keep clean.

You can get other products including blinds, roller blinds, vertical blindspanel blinds system and cellular blinds. We have a complete Buying Guide that can be accessed and used to assist in your home styling and window furnishing purchase decision. Our staff can also assist you in choosing from a variety of other window furnishings including shutterscurtains, awnings and screens.

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What are they?

This window covering is created from a unique aluminium alloy. They are oven enamelled in order to preserve their initial colour and their vividness throughout the blinds’ whole lifetime.

All of the elements are created from specifically chosen plastic and steel materials that offer several years of on-going everyday use. They are very easy to install into any window frame recess or face fastened application. Currently, the most popular slat widths are 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. You are able to freely choose what width you prefer. The blinds are made up from eight gauge aluminium which go through various tests in order to check their strength and durability.

The window coverings are also equipped with crash proof cord locks and baked on enamel finish. They are also widely regarded for the convenience to filter out sunshine and provide ease of use to adjust the level of privacy, which is one of their unique traits.

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Venetian blinds Sydney Australia Empire

Ideal Standard Size

The 50mm products can be obtained with an ornamental woven tape for a customized look. It really is easy for you to match them with any interior style, design or color palette that you have in your house.

One of the best window furnishings that you will find on the market, they offer a huge variety to satisfy every taste. Once you drop the window covering down,  there are a plenty of height levels for adaptation.

Ideal Venetian Blinds Empire Sydney

Venetian blinds are able to be either dropped or turned, which means that you can acquire total privacy in your home if you wish to. Thus, you will still be able to see outside of your windows with ease, and people will be able to see as well if you want. However, there is some level of visual protection that can be easily adjusted. Even if you don’t want other people to see you, there is still an option which allows the sun in if you want to enhance the ambience in your room.


You are still able to keep the blinds parallel to the ground meaning that you can see through and at the same time have full protection from any exterior light. This way they allow you to reinforce the atmosphere in the room.

Aluminium products at Empire Window Furnishings are very reasonably priced, easy to style and are able to change the appearance, feel and atmosphere of a room entirely. This is why it is not a surprise that aluminium venetian blinds are arguably the most popular type of window coverings that you will find anywhere.

Best Venetian Blinds Empire Sydney

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The most effective way that you can choose to clean your venetian window furnishing is to bring them outside and lay them on a large clean dry towel or a blanket.

Get a bucket of water and soap ready nearby. Then start washing them by scrubbing them with a soft bristle brush. You have to be very careful not to do any harm to them as they are gentle. Once you have completed cleaning up the front, you can reverse them so that you turn the rear facet towards you. You can repeat the process. Once you are done with scrubbing, you can go get your water hose and spray the water to remove any residue soap off. In order to dry you can suspend the product. If you are still able to see spots on them, you might have to single handily dry every individual blind.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds Empire Sydney



Simple to Control

benefits of Empire Window Furnishings venetian blinds

Venetian window furnishings give you a complete control on how much light can enter in your home. Aside from that, it also gives you complete privacy.

Low Maintenance

benefits of venetian blinds

Compared to other window furnishings, venetian blinds require little maintenance. You don’t need to wash and clean it regularly for it to maintain its clean look. All you need to do is to wipe the dust or debris using cloth or use dust feathers.

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Versatile and Flexible

These window furnishings are designed to be versatile and flexible. Aside from adding beauty to your home, it has high level of resistance to heat.

They come in variety of materials such as timber, aluminium, or PVC. It not only adds to the beauty of your home but it also helps you save energy. Timber venetian blinds block the heat and light out better than using materials like aluminium. It can block light but because of its thin density, it can transfer heat immediately which makes it hot during summer and cold during winter season. Unlike timber, PVC doesn’t hold heat quite well so, if you are looking for materials that is best in blocking light, timber will be the perfect choice for you.

Venetian blinds empire window furnishings

Easy to Position on Windows

Another benefit that you can get is that it is easy fit to various sized windows.

In addition, you can also install the customised ones to suit your style and the size of your windows. Empire Window Furnishings can do the installation for you with the product warranty.


Many homeowners today use venetian blinds due to its fashionable appearance. They can block out the light and heat from the sun and add character and beauty to the architecture of the home. Many people believe that venetian window coverings are created in Venice because of their name but in fact they came from Persia. They were used both for ornamental purposes and for obstructing the light and direct heat from the sun three centuries ago.

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Ancient Egyptians used cane to create a similar window furnishings while the Chinese used bamboo blinds.  They all had a similar purpose and this only displays how significant the venetian blinds were before they came into our lives.

Today, these window furnishings are impressively innovative compared to those in the past. Actually, there are more choices and options than ever before and it will depend upon your needs and wants. They are available in different types of drapes, designs and even sizes that will surely fit to your needs and preference.