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Vertical Blinds

Great sunlight control

Vertical blinds are ideal to control the amount of sunlight. There are times when we simply wish to stop the light from getting in our home. There are a number of occasions when having too much light in the room is uncomfortable or the glare makes it too difficult to use the laptop or watch TV.

If you are having such problems, the answer we have at Empire Window Furnishings is to use vertical blinds. These window coverings provide the perfect solution for any light control problem. You can either have the sun coming in or block it completely, depending on your mood. They allow you to adjust accordingly to the amount of light that you want to let in.

You can get other products including blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, panel blinds systemcellular blinds and other products listed in our Blinds Buying Guide. Our staff can also assist you with a variety of window furnishings including shutters, curtains, awnings and screens.

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What are they?

There are many different vertical window shade types and this is where a personal blind consultant from Empire Window Furnishings can assist.

The obvious question is which one is the best to buy for your room? If you want something more basic and inexpensive, the choice for you is aluminium vertical blinds. They are very small, lightweight and quite easy to maintain. Their design and flexibility also makes them quite easy to clean up. Aluminium window blinds can be a perfect addition for your office, workshop or garage.

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Vertical window blinds are very easy to use. They can be adjusted by the cords on either side, allowing you to decide what amount of light is going to get in. They can reflect the rays of the sun away so you can also cut down on your air conditioning bills during the summer. This product is available in a wide variety of colours, leaving you with great freedom of choice. Although they are quite simple, they are a really great and affordable solution to your light control problems.

Home styling tips

Another style that you can use when you are more interested in allowing natural light to get in is fabric vertical window furnishings. If you purchase the ones made from high quality woven materials, they can be really beautiful and last several years.

When they are moved to the side and are completely out of the way, you can allow nearly all of the light to enter your room. The blinds can also be moved across the window so that it can be opened. Fabric vertical window coverings allow the user as much as 180 degree control.

This means that when you close the fabric vertical vanes, you can flip them completely in the other direction to change the light filtering. This is one of the greatest benefits that vertical window blinds have. Unlike PVC blinds which force you to turn the light on inside if you want vision, fabric ones can help you save money from electricity bills by allowing light while keeping your privacy intact.

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PVC vertical window furnishings are another model which can be used to control the incoming light. They do not possess any unattractive plain pieces of plastic, which makes them very appealing.

They will still be able to allow you to block the incoming light, or a fraction of it. When looking for PVC vertical window blinds, pick a thicker plastic pattern. They can offer you better resistance to sun damage. The thicker materials also hold their shape and colour for longer periods of time. Keep in mind that the sun’s rays can be destructive for your sight. So start protecting your well-being by installing this type of window furnishing.

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Everybody loves sunlight and the associated health benefits it has. However, too much sunlight glare in our office or home can be inconvenient, especially for TV or computer use. 

For such times, a simple set of vertical window blinds can be a real life saver. They are very easy to install and maintain, and will allow you to control the light that is coming in to your home with ease.



Vertical window blinds provide the most low-cost and reasonable way of decorating your window. Since it offers a variety of designs, colours and fabrics, you can use it anywhere and it will be appropriate in any part of your home. It will add colour and life in your home instead of making it look dull or boring.

Simple to clean

This product is easy and simple to clean. It doesn’t require regular maintenance or routine cleaning. Removing dust and debris will be a breeze. 

Best solution for big windows

Aside from having a variety of colours and designs, they provide the best solutions for your big windows or yard doors. It will help you save money and effort that would otherwise go into buying numerous drapes.

Many believe that this product is too stiff and formal but if you are looking for something more refined, it will be the perfect solution for you. You can choose a wide range of options to suit your home and tastes.

Full control of light

You can have complete control of the amount of sunlight. You can use cord drawn or chain tilt blinds to adjust the light that enters inside your home to your liking.

Recently, there has been a rise in tech-savvy blinds that provide warmth during winter or cold seasons. Solar energy is generated by the blinds themselves.

You can manage the light better inside your property.

It is the most convenient and flexible blind type. Can be fitted to your big windows or patio door and it offers a variety of colours, designs and styles. All you have to do is choose the best window furnishings that will suit your personal style and character of your home.

Looking for decor that will add sophistication and appeal to your home? You don’t need to worry and spend too much money because there are options that offer better accessibility and adaptability to your home. Vertical window blinds gain its popularity due to its flexibility and handiness. Your home will look classy even without you spending too much money and effort as you don’t need to maintain it unlike other items in your home.